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Late Gospel Singer, Osinachi’s Autopsy Report Shows No Trace of Physical Abuse.  


The report released by the hospital shows her death was not caused by Abused . About a month ago the Gospel singer left us and rumors had it that she was physically abused by the husband . The husband was arrested and detained . How ever the Autopsy results shows a complete different thing . 

Here is the result of the Autopsy. 

Generalized organ pallor, 

Bilateral leg swelling, 

Fluid in the sac containing the heart. 

Tumor deposits in and on the heart, lungs, kidneys. 

Massively enlarged heart. 

Fluid around the lungs,  restricting breathing. 

Spleen is enlarged and has signs of infection. 

No marks of violence in her on our examination.

The National Hospital, Abuja concluded that the cause of death to be : Cardiac Tamponade (serious fluid in the sac containing the heart; tumours in the heart, lungs, kidneys; Septicaemia.”

Could it be that the Husband was accused for nothing ?

If that’s the case then the man will definitely be freed in the days ahead 

Yongka Micheal Mbidzenyuy
Yongka Micheal Mbidzenyuy
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