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A New Dawn in Cameroon Music: Tshibambi’s Debut Single Under Power House Entertainment Set to Ignite the Industry.


The Cameroon entertainment industry is buzzing with excitement as Power House Entertainment (PHE), the brainchild of the renowned artist Ko-c, announces the release of its first artiste’s debut single. The artiste, known as Tshibambi, is set to make his grand entrance into the music scene on the 21st of July, 2023.

Tshibambi, a fresh face in the industry, has been working tirelessly under the mentorship of Ko-c, the PHE label boss. His debut single, titled “Chaque Jour,” is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and raw talent that Tshibambi brings to the table. The single, which features Ko-c himself, is expected to be a game-changer in the Cameroon music scene.

The anticipation surrounding “Chaque Jour” is palpable. Fans and music enthusiasts alike are eagerly awaiting the release, curious to see what this new talent has to offer. The collaboration between Tshibambi and Ko-c is expected to bring a unique blend of styles and sounds, setting a new standard for the industry.

Ko-c’s decision to sign Tshibambi as the first artiste under his label, Power House Entertainment, speaks volumes about his confidence in the young artiste’s talent. It’s a bold move that is set to redefine the music landscape in Cameroon. Ko-c, known for his innovative approach to music, is expected to bring his unique touch to Tshibambi’s debut single, making it a must-listen for all music lovers.

The release of “Chaque Jour” is not just a debut single for Tshibambi; it’s a statement of intent. It’s a message to the Cameroon music industry and the world at large that a new dawn is here. A dawn where talent, creativity, and hard work are celebrated. A dawn where artists like Tshibambi are given the platform to shine and make their mark.

As we count down to the 21st of July, the excitement continues to build. The debut single “Chaque Jour” is set to be a milestone in the journey of Tshibambi and Power House Entertainment. It’s a journey that promises to be filled with groundbreaking music, innovative collaborations, and a fresh take on the Cameroon music scene.

So, mark your calendars and get ready to experience the dawn of a new era in Cameroon music. Tshibambi’s debut single “Chaque Jour,” featuring Ko-c, is coming, and it promises to be nothing short of extraordinary!

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Yongka Micheal Mbidzenyuy
Yongka Micheal Mbidzenyuy
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