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“The guy with no bad songs,” that’s how Magixx is commonly referred to on the streets. Over the years, the talented artiste has proven that he is truly an artist, not just an entertainer, and there are only a few of his kind that exist. From “Love Don’t Cost a Dime” featuring the celestial being Ayra Starr, to “Shaye” and “All Over,” Magixx has proven that he can never disappoint his fans musically. Every song from his “MAGIXX EP” still slaps hard anytime you listen to it.

2023 is here and Magixx is not about to break his promise of giving his fans QUALITY music that they can’t resist pressing the repeat button. Because he loves his fans, he decided to give them two great songs at once. “Colors and Loyal” are his two recent projects, and music lovers cannot choose between the two.

Colors” is an Afrobeat/RnB song with captivating and soulful lyrics. Magixx definitely knows how to hack into the hearts of his fans with his catchy lyrics and his amazing vocals. The way he flows on the beats with ease only shows he has mastered his craft. Award-winning Mavins Record Sound Wiz, Andre Vibez, did an excellent job on the production of this particular song. Magixx keeps doing music that his fans relate to and enjoy every piece of it.

“Colors” was just perfect to take the fans even for a year, but Magixx had to add “Loyal.” Listening to “Loyal,” one can’t help but add Magixx’s name to the list of top Nigerian songwriters. In “Loyal,” Magixx talks about a girl he fell in love with and is ready to do everything for her and be her man, but unfortunately, she is not the loyal type and will get down with anybody if it has to do with money. Magixx went extra hard on this piece and showed how creative he can be with writing and delivery. His vocals are top-notch and have a healing effect on anyone listening to this piece. Andre Vibez did justice to this piece, and “Loyal” is an irresistible piece.

“Colors” and “Loyal” only prove how much Magixx has in store for his fans. 2023 is definitely going to be a music year. Magixx will be giving it to his fans back to back. People are already requesting the visuals of the two songs, as it’s impossible to choose.

Stream “Colors” and “Loyal” here:

Yongka Micheal Mbidzenyuy
Yongka Micheal Mbidzenyuy
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