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You won’t understand how it feels like when you have same products your neighbor has and someone skips you to go get from your neighbor. Your own close friends and those you consider family . It hurts so badly but if you decide to fight it by trashing  the neighbors products , you are seen as a jealous and bitter person .

CY came up with something which was super nice . Many called it the 80/20 scheme which was to enforced the consumption of 80% local products and 20% foreign .  

This scheme could work if Cameroonian artistes were serious and hard working .our artistes drop at most 3 songs a year and end up not promoting it . The local population go in for Nigerian songs because they drop back to back and it is nice . 

You can’t go to the market to buy rice from your Cameroon brother and you don’t meet it and you come back empty . You must check the Rice the Chinese man is selling since it is almost the same.  When there is not enough music in the country , Cameroonians go for foreign artistes who drop good music back to back .

Now, What is CY doing Wrong? 

Trashing Foreign Content . Telling people the likes of Remma , Omah lay , Joe Boy etc are small boys and wack brings nothing to Cameroonians . You might just see them shining now but these guys worked to be where they are . Their songs are nice and no matter how much you trash it , it won’t make it bad 

Restricting Foreign Artistes from doing shows here .  Our industry is growing and one of the fastest ways to grow it is by collaborating with other countries .One day our artistes will blow and have shows in those countries you don’t want  their citizens here. 

CY is making things hard for artistes or comedians who will want to collaborate with those making waves in Nigeria et all . 

We can’t control what people listen to . 

You can’t force People to listen only to Cameroonian Music . Other countries do good music too . The only thing we can do is , listen to all music but prioritize Cameroon and buy your artistes albums ,

2022 let’s focus on 

Producing good music and being consistent . If we put out enough products in the market , our local consumers  consume it if it’s good .

Let’s Promote our music . It’s crazy how someone drops a great project without promo or anything  but expect people to just go and search No.

Pay bloggers , Tv stations  and Radios let your project go viral . The biggest artistes in Africa and USA still do promo .

Consistency. Let’s be Consistent, Consistency here does not mean dropping music everyday but dropping good music even monthly . So that when asking people to support you, the content will be there . If people don’t see the content they will still go check in other countries.

Collaboration. The best way to penetrate into other Markets is by collaborating with them . Do good music and collaborate with them. They won’t listen to their part and leave yours. 

Humility. Let’s be humble and willing to Learn. Ask ourselves what these people are doing that we are not doing . We can’t grow by Hating others or trashing their works 

Unity. Unity is strength, we keep failing because we can’t unite and work together. Look at all the music industries in Africa , the people are always united and ready to collaborate and grow . Let’s step it up in 2021 

We can never win by hating or trashing other peoples works 

We can never stop people from listening to music that they love . 

Let’s do more good music , promote it and be consistent. Let’s collaborate with others . 

Yongka Micheal Mbidzenyuy
Yongka Micheal Mbidzenyuy
A Young Cameroonian Blogger,PR and Writer. Focus on promoting and educating Cameroonian entertainers, AFRICA and the world at large. Also passionate about education and youth empowerment, has written a blogger's guide titled "Key To A Successful Blogging Career".

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