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CAMEROON is home to millions of talented artistes .we have Cameroonian artistes that if you get them on a song you are sure to have a great song .  They have made a name in the industry already and their works speak  for them .   


We   call salatiel “The 360” artiste from CAMEROON .  Salatiel is hyper talented with a great voice .  Salatiel can jump on any kind of beat and do any kind of song . He is all round and with salatiel on a song , you are sure to have a great song . 


Locko has made urban music in CAMEROON extremely competitive as he sets the bar really high .   Locko has a unique voice n his lyrical prowess is second to none . With Locko on a song you are sure to have a Hit . 


Tenor is one of those rappers with numerous hit songs . Tenor can jump on any kind of beat and kill it . His flow and lyrics always stand out . He is one of those artistes that you are sure to have a hit or a great song with if you get him on a collabo . 


The Mboko god makes a difference anywhere he enters . There is no beat that he won’t kill it . If his verse is only 20 seconds , know he will still make a difference. Jovi is currently the biggest rapper in CAMEROON and to get him on a song is not easy as he has his policies .If you get him on a song be sure to have a hit . 

Mic Monsta . 

Njorku was rumored to be taking a million francs per verse . Well it’s worth it as you won’t be DISAPPOINTED . If you search the whole internet you won’t see any wack song from Mic Monsta . Getting him on a song is a goal .

Stanley Enow 

The most branded , professional and awarded artiste in CAMEROON STANLEY Enow knows what to bring into a song . He brings in that extra spice that makes the song tastes different. Getting him on a song is a Goal 

Magasco . 

Years ago Magasco was the biggest RnB artiste in the country with a unique voice . Till today he still tops .  Magasco never disappoints when it comes to dropping a dope verse on any kind of song . He brings in that extra juice that irresistible. 

Charlotte Dipanda 

She doesn’t only have the best voice , but her lyrics and way of singing captures the hearts of many . Charlotte will definitely make every song of yours stand the test of time .


Daphne is definitely the female artiste from CAMEROON with the biggest hits and awards . Daphne makes every song a hit . Getting her on a song be sure to have a hit . 


Mink’s definitely has the highest collabos in the Cameroonian Music industry and none of the collabos went wrong .  If you need a hit, then Minks is the right artiste . He always

delivers . 


New in the music industry but she has proven that if you get her on a song, you are sure to have a great song . Rinyu has a unique voice and her pen game so good . 

Mani Bella 

Every song she jumps on becomes a hit . Mani Bella gave Tenor a hit song . She also did same for Happy D’Effoulan . If you want a hit song , You should go for her . 


Mimie is that artiste that when she links up with the right artiste , the output is always a hit . You can ask Ko C and Locko .

Ko C 

Ko C is that male artiste with countless hit songs . Any song he drops a voice on becomes a hit . If you need a hit , then Ko C is the artiste . You’ll never be disappointed having him on a song .

Tzy Panchak.

Tzy is capable of changing an average song to a hit . He knows how to play on the beat and give you a hit song . 

Mr Leo 

The lion of AFRICA will give you nothing less than a great song or a hit . Mr Leo is currently one of the biggest artistes from CAMEROON with a unique voice n sound .


She has not been in the industry for long but her impact is already felt . If you listen to her Ep LIGHTER , you’ll agree with us she is that artiste you should get on a song . 

Vernyuy Tina 

She is definitely one of the biggest song writers and one of the most creative female artiste of her generation with a unique sound .If you need a great  song then Vernyuy Tina is the artiste . 

Yongka Micheal Mbidzenyuy
Yongka Micheal Mbidzenyuy
A Young Cameroonian Blogger,PR and Writer. Focus on promoting and educating Cameroonian entertainers, AFRICA and the world at large. Also passionate about education and youth empowerment, has written a blogger's guide titled "Key To A Successful Blogging Career".

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