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Looking at Witty Minstrel , one will think he has about 5 endorsement deals but he has none . Witty dropped the biggest cultural song “ Be proud “ which earned him a great spot in the 237 Entertainment industry . Both the English and the French audience received his music . The francophones will vibe to it without even understanding. Witty has about 10 Awards to his name just for this song .

Where is Witty Failing and how is he ignoring other income streams ????

No online audience . If you have visited his handles , you’ll bear with us it is as scanty as a local market on Ghost town . Witty has failed to build an online audience . Numbers count when it comes to bagging deals . It gets even better when the numbers are active . There are times someone like Witty can’t even clock 100 likes on a post . How then can he influence a brand ?? Francophones are ahead of us in this , they do not joke with their online audience, that’s how they get deals while we complain of support your own . Online audience is a market for artistes , they have to build it and monetized it . Witty is unique and building an online audience for him could not have been a problem but he is just not ready .

Failed to Market his Face .
Till today , Many people can’t recognize Witty Minstrel . They can bypass him in the streets without even knowing he is a super star . How then can a brand make you the face of their products when people can’t even recognize you ??? You can count the number of professional pictures on his page . They are not up to 20 . As an artiste , you make money from your music , face and almost everything .

Do you know NIGERIAN artistes make Millions from Promo ? Yes lowkey they are bloggers . They wouldn’t post anything for free . This is because they have a strong media presence . Your artistes will collaborate with them and they won’t post because your artistes can’t pay for their audience . To them everything is business reasons they make sure they invest in building an online presence . Don Jazzy can promote a song , just a single post for 1 million Naira . He is making money from everything .
Back to Witty , what can he advertise at his own level ???

Witty will be forgotten easily if he does not drop any other hit songs .He will have to live his life on hit songs . Do you know what’s worst ??? If the songs are below “ Be proud “ people will consider it Wack . Not cus it’s wack but because they placed him on a particular level . They rate him now base on Be Proud .,

To fix this , he needs to build a great online audience he can monetize .

Music is business and you have to pay attention to every thing that can bring you money .

Yongka Micheal Mbidzenyuy
Yongka Micheal Mbidzenyuy
A Young Cameroonian Blogger,PR and Writer. Focus on promoting and educating Cameroonian entertainers, AFRICA and the world at large. Also passionate about education and youth empowerment, has written a blogger's guide titled "Key To A Successful Blogging Career".

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